About Us

How we started...

Osage Farms, also known as Osage Apiary, is a family run business by Scott & Jen Creager.  We are located in Avoca, MI, which is about 12 miles west of Port Huron.  Scott started out beekeeping as a hobby after reading about the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).  In 2006, over 35% of the honey bees in the USA vanished and in some European countries the losses were near 50%.  Experts worldwide were very concerned about the future of agriculture.  

We felt that bees are so important to the environment, pollinating 30% of our fruits & vegetables, that we should try to help save the bees.  We started out with no intentions of this becoming a business.  However, when family members became unemployed in 2011 during the recession and had way more honey then we could use, we decided to turn our hobby into a business.

Osage Farms name was inspired by another family hobby, building long bows from the wood of Osage Orange trees.   Osage staves are preferred by many bowyers due to it's strength and beauty.  ​

Who We Are Now...

Osage Farms  is still a small apiary with under 100 hives.  We sell our honey locally along with a number of other products inspired by our bees.  Osage Farms Store opened in 2018.  We sell honeybees, beekeeping supplies, beeswax, candles, lip balms, body lotion and anything bee related.  We like to think of a visit to Osage Farms as a visit to a beekeeper playground.  Many Saturdays you will find numerous beekeepers customizing their hives and exchanging ideas and beekeeping philosophies.
At this time we do not do group tours of our bee yards.